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School Program

Proud Supporter of Michigan Marketing Educators/DECA

Polar ParadICE is proud to attend yearly DECA Conferences where Michigan High Schools prepare students to be leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management.

As we have an educational background, we are pleased to provide a healthy fruit juice granita to school stores.  High school students, in the DECA program, enjoy continued profits over the school year as they engage in selling Polar ParadICE to their student body.

2018 MME Show for Marketing and DECA

We Help You Get the Necessary Equipment for Frozen Drinks

We are excited to offer you our all inclusive offer that will ship to your school with everything you will need to get started. The following is what you will receive:

  • A New BUNN Two Bowl Machine (Complete BUNN warranty)
  • Six cases of our product
  • Two mixing jugs
  • Posters for advertising in your store
  • Flavor Labels corresponding to the flavors of product

Low Maintenance

Machine Are Computerized & Stay Refrigerated 24/7. This means low maintenance. Depending on your facility's requirements it may be just minutes per day.

We offer an individualized step-by-step training session with your personnel to show how to keep the equipment in optimum operating condition.

In addition, we can be reached at any time with questions pertaining to these processes by phone or our contact form below.


New Clients to Polar ParadICE 2018

Bunn Ultra 2


To access BUNN's Online Learning Center, go to their Ultra 2 HP page for instructions in both English and Spanish.  There are four videos that cover all you need to know about your new BUNN.

  1. The Installation Video shows how to put the machine together initially and after cleaning.
  2. The Care and Cleaning Video explains how to take the machine apart for cleaning and sanitizing.
  3. The Programming Video explains how to reprogram the machine and we do not recommend that this is done by any personnel outside of our company.
  4. The Preventative Maintenance is the maintenance that we perform on the machine once per year.

BUNN Machine Highlights

Features like a patented reversing auger for faster cooling, sliding lids for easy refilling, locking control drawer and timer for day/night operation make the BUNN Gourmet Ice the easiest system for your school.
  • Easy and quiet operation
  • Reliable performance
  • Long–term dependability
  • Patented Reversing Auger Design - Quickens freeze time and reduces air mixing
  • Very simple to program and run touchpad display- Guides cleaning and preventive maintenance
  • Refrigeration System internally Monitored - Ensures long lasting performance
  • Two Large 3-gallon (11.4 liter) Hoppers - Allows for optimum cooling and serving capacity
  • Sanitation listed by NSF to Standard 6 and 18 (including dairy & alcohol)
  • Safety listed ETL to UL Standard (UL 471) and CSA Standard (C22.2 No. 120)
  • Requires 115 Volt / 20 amp dedicated circuit
  • Width:  16", Depth:  25", Height:  32", Weight:  137lbs

Connecticut Nutrition Standards

 The Connecticut Nutrition Standards for school year 2016-17 took effect on July 1, 2016.
Here is Connecticut State Department of Education's (CSDE) List of Acceptable Foods and Beverages showing our items.

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Sales and Service
Teresa at 313.515.0061
Sam at 248.245.3686

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In Their Own Words

Southgate Anderson High School

"Southgate Anderson High School serves Polar ParadICE slushies at our school store, The Hideaway. The slushies have increased our sales and our customers really enjoy them. There are many options of flavors to pick from, but our school’s favorite is strawberry banana. Customers like to mix the flavors and enjoy the taste it makes. We like how we can have a variety and have them also be compliant to the health standards in place.

Overall, we really like this product and it impacts our store and sales in a positive way."

L’Anse Creuse High School

"  If I could, I would buy one everyday. "

"My favorite flavors are blue reasberry and tropical blend."
"I prefer it over the pop."

Lakeland High School

"They are refreshing to have half way thru the day”

Goodrich High School

Goodrich High School’s Martian Market benefits tremendously from Polar ParadICE’s Frozen 100% Fruit Juice. This tasty treat brings in students craving for more. Without the help from Polar ParadICE, our store would not strive as well as it does today. We are so impressed with the quality of service the company provides, including the fast, reliable and reasonable machine repairs.

Salem High School

Hannah P.
"They have so many flavors that I love."

Robbie H.
"On a hot day at Salem High School, I love a slush from the ROCK SHOP."

Leslie Z.
"Lemon Lime is my favorite flavor, tastes so yummy."

Gabby T.
"Great alternative to pop, I like the Blue Raspberry."

John Glenn High School

"Here at John Glenn, our students LOVE our Polar ParadICE slushies. Our most popular flavor is Blue Raspberry with Strawberry Banana in second. Polar ParadICE offers great service to our store workers. They are great at showing us workers how to clean and properly fill the machines. When there is a problem, Polar ParadICE is quick to help us find the problem and fix it. Polar ParadICE is a great company with great service!"

Hartland High School

"…we have always believed in the product and especially Polar ParadICE. We also appreciate the great service that you have provided for us over the years."
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