Flavorful Granita Drink in a $30 billion dollar frozen beverage market!

  • Granita is 100% fruit Italian ice!

    Delicious, and nutritious

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    We love to explain how you can get started selling this popular drink.


Advantages for Your School and Store

Our Premium Frozen Granita Drinks meet or exceed all Michigan & Federal Nutritional Guidelines offering:

  • Outstanding Flavor

  • 100% GRAPE juice concentrate - for consistency of flavor!

  • One(1) 8oz serving is equal to One(1) Fruit Exchange

  • Real fruit pulp

  • Zero fat

  • Plenty of vitamin C and Calcium

Equipment is Easy to Use

AND requires little maintenance

  • Ultra2(1)
    Low maintenance means

    Reduce your costs with less non-use time.

  • Healthy Red Lifestyle Fruit 103566
    Product mixing is simple and consistent

     allows you to serve the same high quality drink every time, with no waste.

  • Th(1)
    Increases your profitability

     since more drinks are being sold within a given time.

USDA Smart Snack Calculator

Our serving size = 12oz
Number of units = 1

Image cherries on a white background
Ripe raspberries isolated on a white background.

Marketing Advantages

 that Help Your School and Student's Future

  • Fund raising  - offer a tasty drink for a generous donation

  • Polar ParadICE gives students an optimum, hands on opportunity to learn what marketing and entrepreneurship is all about.

  • Selling Polar ParadICE can help in the development of human relations, communication and employability skills.